<a href=_post-style-1.html lorem urna, mollis hendrerit lacinia vitae, suscipit non ante</b></a><p>Great taste of delicious Pakistani foods.</p> <a href=_post-style-2.html urna lectus, tempus vel gravida eu, luctus et diam</b></a><p>One of the finest restaurant in the region.</p> <a href=_post-style-3.html id lacus sodales turpis feugiat tincidunt</b></a><p>Pakistani, Indian & chinese foods with quick service.</p> <a href=_post-style-4.html fermentum cursus dolor, ac fermentum nulla ultrices sed</b></a><p>Wide range of seasonal fruite and soft drinks.</p> <a href=_post-style-5.html hendrerit rutrum nulla, eu rutrum tortor sagittis vel</b></a><p>Beautiful view of Gulshan-e-Jabeer Wedding halls near Chittarpari.</p>
Jabeer Hotel

Jabeer Hotal is a name of quality & providing best hotel services since years. Clean rooms and honest staff.

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Delicious Pakistani dishes are speciality of Jabeer Restaurant. Enjoy our tasty menus for your get to gathers.

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Marriage Halls

Gulshan-e-Jabeer is biggest marriage hall in Mirpur. We have wide halls for marriages and big parties.

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Gulshan-e-Jabeer Halls show menu card

Your wedding day should be the most special day in your life. So, at Gulshan-e-Jabeer, we are committed to ensuring that everything is planned - down to the smallest detail. And that everything is as perfect as you could possibly wish for. We also ensure that on your big day - we take the strain, leaving you to enjoy the magic of the moment.

Our wedding portfolio offers you the choice of a wedding in all the grandeur and elegance of a city hotel.

Our range of wedding concepts also allows you to choose between a relaxed beachfront ceremony with a floral bower and a champagne toast against the palm trees... or an authentic Maasai ceremony complete with a guard of honour of warriors, a local chief to bless the ceremony, and a traditional wedding dance or singing display.

As to venues, we can offer everything from the rim of the famous Crater - the choice is yours.

Whatever you dream of...we can make it happen

Wherever you wish it ... we have the venue

Hotel Jabeer show menu card

The Jabeer Hotel endeavors to offer its honorable guests a memorable experience at various distinct dining spaces that specialize in traditional and contemporary preparations, multi-cuisine, and a range of specialty menus..


Chaudhry Usman Saddiqe

Managing Director

Chaudhry Haider Saddiqe


12 / 11 / 20119:30 PM
Website Successfully Launched

As you visited and viewed our website launched successfully. We will happy to receive your valueable suggestions. Also visit and like our facebook page and receive our promotional tweeps.

25 / 12 / 201112:00 AM
Gulshan e Jabeer started.

Gulshan-e-Jabeer (Wedding Halls) a part of Hotel Jabeer started booking. Plan your wedding in our halls and get introductory prices.

Our menus and latest pics are available on our related sections of the website.

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